"Where the artist is the artist first."


"Where the artist is the artist first."


"Where the artist is the artist first."

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Armoney Rose

A1Entertainment Plus is an innovative team that empowers its artists.

A record label is an indispensable management and production arm to the body of a recording artist’s work that knows their way around the business, doing all the legwork for the artists they represent in terms of management, production, promotion and branding.

At A1Entertainment, we specialize in discovering and nurturing new talent in a distinctly 21st century interpretation of this business paradigm. We offer our artists the kind of team that can not only produce their work, finesse their talents, and manage their present and future, but help brand and market them in the right format for their unique talents. At A1Entertainment, we cut the noise around the artist and concentrate on the artist themselves — so they can concentrate on the music.

“I had a great experience with A1Entertainmant Plus from start to finish.”

Garrett HambyProducer, Armoney Rose

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Aaron Morris, A1Entertainment founder, is a real estate mogul and Detroit-based talent promoter who started the label in 2006 after producing music videos for some of hip-hop’s most prominent artists over the last decade. When he noticed how much work new artist’s were spending promoting themselves just to get discovered, he realized that that kind of administrative energy should remain the domain of professional managers, producers, public relations and A&R so that the artist can be, well, an artist. He founded a label that manages the artist, produces output, and handles publicity so the artist can be just that, the artist.

At A1, that’s just what it is: the Artist is the artist first.


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